Hi. I'm Seth.

I Moved to Detroit July 30th 2013. • It’s important to get outside of the midtown/downtown bubble. • I (very occasionally) blog. • I’m looking to make every one of my interests and hobbies into a project with deadlines. • I work at Dandelion • I do Photo, Video, Web, Spoken Word, and a bunch of Other. • I am interested in Augmented Reality, Mesh Networking, Crypto Currency, Raspberry Pi, but I also believe technology evenutally has to actually do something useful. • Sandborn Maps are fascinating, so is newspaper microfilm from the 60s. • Coleman Young - how can you not like this guy? (Read Hard Stuff) •  • You can build an anti-fragile society by helping individuals feel truly engaged in their world.


Detroit Bike Blacklist

Detroit Bike Blacklist

#WebApp #Detroit #Bike

After realizing that the bike I purchased was stolen property, I set out to create a way to bring visibility to the stolen bike blackmarket.

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Magic Book


#StartupWeekendDetroit #AugmentedReality #Unity

Augmented reality popup book created for Startup Weekend 2014 - we won!

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The Electrician

The Electrician

#VideoGame #Arduino #Bike

When I turned 30 I set out to make more tangible projects. My first challenge I put myself to was how to combine my interest in video games and electronics. This is a game where you use an Arduino to solve problems inside a sidescroller environment.

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