Hi. I'm Seth.

I Moved to Detroit Seven Months ago. • It’s important to get outside of the midtown/downtown bubble. • I blog. • I’m looking to make every one of my interests and hobbies into a project with deadlines. • I work at Dandelion • I do Photo, Video, Web, and a bunch of Other. • You can build an anti-fragile society by helping individuals feel truly engaged in their world.


Detroit Bike Blacklist

Detroit Bike Blacklist

#WebApp #Detroit #Bike

After realizing that the bike I purchased was stolen property, I set out to create a way to bring visibility to the stolen bike blackmarket.

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The Electrician

The Electrician

#VideoGame #Arduino #Bike

When I turned 30 I set out to make more tangible projects. My first challenge I put myself to was how to combine my interest in video games and electronics. This is a game where you use an Arduino to solve problems inside a sidescroller environment.

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Stranger Danger

Zero Trust Password Generation

#Cryptography #DigitalSecurity #WebApp

Every once in a while I spend entirely too much time geeking out about online security. I've noticed that there two kinds of Password generating philosophies out there. The Diceware philosophy of trusting no computer, and doing everything with 6 sided die and a piece of paper, and the javascript method, which just feels weird. This project is an attempt to reconcile the two.

Detroit Cristo Rey

Cristo Rey Detroit

#Video #SocialEntrepreneurship

How do you fund a good cause indefinitely? Here's one answer. Cristo Rey is a really fascinating school where kids without access to good education end up getting more than the standard high school experience. I shot the interviews and edited this together as a part of my work at Dandelion.

Personal Video Project


There are two sides to every life. One we wear outside - one we keep inside.